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WSB-A is Go!


Marsynth WSB-A

WSB-A is ready to go! First run is only available in assembled form due to some minor board issues; $60 plus shipping. Second run will include both assembled and kit forms. I'm still just handling orders via email, so get in touch at marsynth at gmail dot com to order. New audio demos are now up here.


わさび(山葵 Boards and Boards


Been laying low for a while now but have still been making progress on things. This week I've got a few quick updates on the WSB ("wasabi") line of board synths and I've also added a new build to the custom products page.

WSB-A Production

Marsynth WSB-A boards

Production WSB-A boards ready to be populated. These will be available in limited quantities within a week. I've decided to just keep things low key on sales and stick with handling orders via email/paypal for the time being. I'll be making another post soon announcing availablity.

WSB-B Design

Marsynth WSB-B board

I've been making good progress on the WSB-B design as well. Here's a sneek peek at the layout; still lots to do, but it's getting closer and closer to being ready for the first proto run. This board is based off of the custom Heart Breaker I did a while back. I'm shooting to have this design available in time for the winter holidays this year.

Marsynth User Compilation Album Released


Marsynth: The EM Sessions album cover

The previously mentioned compilation album Marsynth: The EM Sessions is now available from the Buddhist On Fire netlabel for your listening pleasure! It is quite apparent that all of the contributors put a lot of work into their pieces and the album is a great collection of many different types of experimental electronic music. As an instrument designer and builder, this sort of customer feedback can't be beat; I am truly humbled and honored by this. Many thanks go out to everyone who helped make this a reality!

News Updates (Finally!)


Things have been fairly quiet here on the marsynth site for the past several months (most of the year actually...), however I've been staying busy with plenty of projects: building orders (check out the product pages to see the new units!), designing some new products, updating old designs, and playing a few shows.

With 2012 well underway already, I figured it was about time to finally get this site moving again. I have so many things to report on and announce, and the following is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check back often as I'm hoping to be adding a lot of content over the next few months. Here's to another exciting year!

Announcing the Marsynth Workshop Board!

I've wanted to do a DIY-style product ever since I first started selling my instruments, and I'm proud to finally announce the marsynth workshop board (tentatively named the Wasabi, or WSB)!

Marsynth Workshop Board Prototype

The workshop board contains four oscillators which are synchronized and ring modded in a fairly complex network which results in a great array of radio-tuner-like sounds. I'll be adding a product page soon with audio and video demos.

This unit has already seen great interest and the first two prototype runs sold out almost immediately after they were made available at a few of the live shows that I attended and played at this year. The first production batch should be available sometime in March.

Marsynth Instruments Page & User Album on Electro-Music.com

The good folks over at electro-music.com were nice enough to not only set me up with my very own marsynth instrument page, but a group also decided to do a user-contributed album that focuses on the use of Marsynth instruments! The album is due to come out within a few days and I'll be making another announcement about it here once its released.

Nomad Development

Progress on the Nomad re-design has been slow over the past several months as I simply did not have time for it for various reasons. I'm pleased to announce that I am now back on it and am currently prototyping the new design. I've already amassed quite a waiting list for this unit, and I'm working hard to get this unit into production! I've learned a lot this past year, and I'm excited to be trying out new and better things with this design. I'll be putting up sound demos and info as the design moves along (and a product page for that matter...). For the time being, here's a sneak peak at the tentative production layout:

Marsynth Nomad Prototype

New Palancar Release Features Heart Breaker


Crooked Little House album cover

I'm pleased to report that Palancar, a good friend and highly talented ambient musician, has a new release out that features the Heart Breaker on the Earth Mantra net label. The album is a great collection of deep, dark ambient tracks with a lot of great textures and moods. The album is free to download here; definitely one not to be missed!


New Product Developments, Info Sheets, and Media Updates


Things have been very busy here the past couple of weeks, and I have several new things to share: a new product, a product update, new product info sheets, and some new product media.

Announcing the Marsynth Nomad!

Marsynth Nomad Beta Pic 1

The concept was to design something that would accept external inputs (guitar in particular), and process the signal to end up with a variety of synth-like timbres; a guitar synth of sorts. In essence, the Nomad is a tremolo with a variable-gain feedback path that is mixed with the input signal. The tremolo is driven by a variable-skew LFO with pulse and ramp waveforms which add a lot of variation to the sound. As with all other Marsynth designs, photocells are utilized in some control options to provide expressive and dynamic control: in this case feedback amount and LFO rate. Check out the demo video below to get an idea of what the Nomad is capable of:

Production units will be housed in standard stomp box style enclosures with foot switches. I'll be putting up the Nomad page under the products page soon, so be sure to keep an eye out if you are interested in learning more about it.

Candela Design Update

Marsynth Candela Update Close Up

I was never really satisfied with the the final design for the Candela, and when I had a few requests to add an external input, I decided it was time to update the design to include this and to add a few other minor changes. Check out the Candela page to learn more. I'll have a new Candela demo video up soon as well.

Info Sheets Now Online

Marsynth Info Sheet Close Up

All Marsynth products come with their own, model-specific info sheet that covers basic use and operation. I've been meaning to post these on the site, however I recently moved to a new style which looks much better and is a little less cluttered than the old versions, so I wanted to wait until most of them were finished. I now have the Holiday Synth, Heart Breaker, Morris Box, and Candela sheets up on their respective product pages. I'll be adding more in the coming weeks.

Product Media Updates

I put up a Marsynth soundcloud page to start organizing all of the audio demos I have. The first set of demos I've put up are for the Heart Breaker (which can now be found on the Heart Breaker page). I plan on having tracks up for all products eventually, plus some other demos using multiple instruments, so stay tuned.


Welcome to the Marsynth Website


Hello my name is Marsynth

Greetings all! I've decided that youtube and flickr links can only go so far, and that it was about time to put up a legit website. This site will serve as the central hub for all things Marsynth which will include news updates, info on all Marsynth products, video and audio clips of live product use, and links to Marsynth artists, friends, and other related sites.

I'll be continuing to develop this site over the coming months, so be sure to check back often for updates. Thanks for stopping by!

Sprinkles on Morris Box